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The Gulet Advisor

Beloved Blue Cruise : Holidays with Comfort and Service.

Sükrü Gözütok and his partners will help you to found the best Gulet.

The Gulet Advisor - Sükrü Gözütok The Gulet Advisors guarantee a selection of handpicked Gulets ranging from 3 stars up to 7 stars. This classification system allowing you to make the right choice in selecting the perfect Gulet for your Blue Cruise. Their objective is to offer the best Gulets in each category so to allow each and every guest to discover Turkey for what it really is:
a fantastic destination.
Following your guidelines, we find the best Gulet for you. More than 3000 gulets sail along the Turkish coast between Kusadasi and Antalya. Making the perfect choice among such an array of boats is not only very difficult, but also time consuming. By means of our Best-Gulet Selection System you can, with our help, find what is most suitable to your own needs and embark on the blue cruise for a dream journey in the Mediterranean Sea.

    • The Gulet Advisor - What is a Gulet?

    What is a Gulet?

    The world is getting increasingly complex, with computer running our lives and a daily technology that we no longer understand. It is refreshing to know that there are still things which havenÍt changed from the good old days. The traditionally built Turkish wooden boats, called Gulets, for example, which you can charter for your holiday and which offer both comfort and outstanding service [...]
  • The Gulet Advisor - Sükrü Gözütok

    The Advisors guarantee carefully selected Gulets

    Sükrü Gözütok (see photo), a true Bodrum's son with several years of Gulet experience. The German and the Turk shared one objective: to put in place a selection system identifying the best and most suitable formula for those wishing to embark on the Blue Cruise between Bodrum, Marmaris, Goecek and Fethiye. [...]
    • The Gulet Advisor - Gulet Holidays

    Gulet Holiday: a different way to enjoy your holiday

    Most of you are sick and tired of overcrowded beaches and are looking for a different kind of holiday. Treat yourself with a Blue Cruise on a Turkish Gulet. You will come on board, settle in your 'room' (cabin) like in a hotel, and then enjoy being taken from a wonderful spot to another, surrounded by the blue of the sea, far from the crowds. The idea is to be able to move from place to place, pampered and relaxed, in harmony with nature. Those traditional beach holidays will soon be history. [...]
  • The Gulet Advisor - Food on Board

    That special food on board

    On board of a Blue Cruise Gulet, meals are particularly tasty. Turkish cuisine being rated among the best in the world, this is not surprising. Above all, fruit and vegetables are at the heart of all menus. On most gulets, the cook, who travels along, will readily accommodate the guests' culinary wishes. [...]
  • The Gulet Advisor - Sleep on Board

    Comfort for your sleep

    The boats have become increasingly comfortable: in the past there was only one toilet for three cabins! Today, every double cabin has its own shower and toilet. The cabins are as roomy and comfortable as on a cruise ship. In most cases, they also have air-conditioning. "Guleting" is a way of life. [...]
  • The Gulet Advisor - Souvenirs

    Souvenirs from "Mehmet in the Bay"

    Many bays are as remote as when Allah created them. No hotel disturbs the stillness. Only the chirp of the cicadas can be heard. In other bays one encounters small taverns, where to enjoy a meal of delicious fresh fish. In some other bays, itinerant traders come to the boat. (in the photo, Mehmet). They sell souvenirs which will please those who stayed at home: cloths and carpets, honey, almonds, spices and much more. [...]
  • The Gulet Advisor - Antike

    An easy journey through Antiquity

    Whenever one sets foot on shore, one stumbles upon tracks of ancient times: antiquity is everywhere. All the great cities of ancient Greece lay on these shores: Troy, Pergamon, Aphrodisias, Ephesus, Halikarnassos – to name just a few. Many of these sites can only be reached by sea, as they were originally thought and made for the Sea. Gulet cruising in the Past [...]