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Antique cities at all corners

The one who takes part at this coast with a gulet on a blue journey and asks to the origins of our culture, will make surprising discoveries. Scattered over the times rust-red, at times ocher landscape, between silver olive trees, dried up thistles and blustering growing maquis, have been standing the distrupted marble-rubbles for a long passed time.

There is not hardly a port or an anchorage, at which a historical light shape became legend- starting of with the Great Thales over King Mausolos up to our Santa Claus. Everywhere stories are told about dear-mad Gods, combative amazons, fire-breathing monsters, herculic heroes and sweating crusaders in their arms.

King Midas was a fool

King Midas for example, which had rendered a service to the Gods, wished itself as wages that everything that he touched with this hands becomes gold. The Gods laughed and immediately were not only table and throne from gold, but also all meals and drinks. He was starving, not Dionysos, the God of wine (at Teos, proximity of the today's Sigacik, its temple and his fan municipality is maintained). He saved Midas by a bath in the river Paktolos from this curse.

Also in the legend book of the coast; the legend of the golden fleece and the nautic argonates, the ballad of the unfortunate hero and its pitiful leander, the singing of the smart Odysseus, the Trojan horse and the case of the city, the story of the proverbially rich Kroisos and Xeroxes, which let the sea whipped with chains, because it carried away his ship bridge.

The myth of the fire-breathing chimera, which hides still today in a cave in Myra and every night, and of typhoon, the father of the Tighten - they all have here at the coast their origin. Out in the sea before Halikarnassos, the today's Bodrum, Alexander the Great who dipped in a glass ball on to the sea-bottom. And far, in the rear part of the Gökova Gulf, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra bathed with her bridegroom Mark Anton on a small island in coral sand, even tough there is generally speaking no corals in the Mediterranean - the sand was brought from the Red Sea specially for Cleopatra. Even today it can be visited.

In the district of the blue journey, famous people used to live; Homer, Hippocrates, Herodot, Polycrates, Pythagorus, King Mausolos, St. Paulus, Santa Claus, the Hospitallers - and other left many traces: Troy, Pergamon, Ephesus, Priene, Millet, Didyma, Iassos, Myndos, Halikarnassos, Knidos, Kaunos, Telmessos, Letoon, Xanthos, Patara, Antiphellos, Myra, Olympus, Phaselis, Termessos, Aspendos, Side and Alanya.

Who does not only want to travel but also wants to lie in the sun, and has still desire and fantasy for the scenes of the old, to visit blown stories, should sign on a Gulet - with friends or the whole (large) family - and let the wind and sea take them to all the bays and the ports, on which once great stories took place.

If one travels comfortably at this coast, you can sometimes have desire, to rudder the boat, to climb on the mountains and to take walks on shores. To the legends and caves of Capadokia, Pamukkale, to camel fights and whirling Derwishes, to which Gods at the Nemrut Mountain or deeply in the forests, in which bears still lived a few years ago. Turkey is a fascinating tourist country.