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Example - Gulet

Woodenboats with Comfort and Service
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Gulets are large wooden ships with comfort and service


One does not have to be a sailor to love these ships. You easily get dazzled by the honey colored wood, which shines in the sun, if you take a walk at the pier around the port in Bodrum or Marmaris. Turkish gulets, as they are being called, are built from pine or other noble woods and are being polished with yacht paint on high polish. Their bowsprit point to the port exit, the masts rise high, the red Turkish flag, with the half-moon and star Jupiter, blows on the afterdeck. A broad gangway leads from the pier to the after-castle, where chairs around a large wooden table invite you to stay.

Our example gulets are between 15 to 48 meters long, beam starts from 4,95 m until 8,90 m, draft is between 1,70 m and 3.60 m, sail surfaces starts from 150 m2 to 500 m2, engine can change regarding to each Gulet (one or most time twin engine), generator, battery charger, 2 rudder stands, hydraulic anchor winch with 300 m chain, 2 anchors each at 180 kg, cabins starts from 2 until 20 and crew members min. 2 up to 7-8.