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One gets a döner also at home. On board of the gulets, the great cuisine of the Near East is maintained. Gulet-Advisor Sükrü Gözütok says “The more stars, the better it is being cooked on board”, and "the Turkish kitchen belongs to one of the most popular in the world”. Each day, something different is being cooked from the variety of the Turkish repertoire.

Good Food

Sükrü takes care of the coordination between the guests and the ship cooks and ensures that only fresh ingredients are bought from the markets that come on board. "Special wishes of our guests are considered naturally”, describes his kitchen strategy. That means: also diets are taken under consideration or completely special desires like “please only fish tonight” or “no meat on Friday!”.

Those, always fresh served, starters of the Turkish kitchen are called "mezeler" and are coldly served, made from delicious from pumpkin, aubergine, paprika, herb, tomatoes - prepared in olive oil, with lemon juice, mint, parsley, fresh herbs, just like the cooks of the Sultan's Palace in Istanbul made it.

Good food onboard

And in such a way is food being served on a gulet:

On each Gulet there is a professional cook, who prepares all your meals. The mails are in principle all cooked on board freshly with fresh ingredients. The Mediterranean kitchen is one the best in the world.
The breakfast includes different kinds of cheese, Turkish salami, olives, eggs, peaches, melon or watermelon, butter, honey, yoghurt, cucumbers and tomatoes also. In addition there is fruit juice, tea and coffee.
The lunch and the dinner consist of at least four plates: starters (Mezeler), main court, salad or vegetable and fruits or dessert. Of-course it is possible to specify all variations here. We show some examples here. Since fish is no longer cheap everywhere in the Mediterranean, fish cannot be served each day. But the crew tries hard to buy fish freshly directly from the fisher boats whenever possible. During to the risk of forest fires, it cannot be grilled on the shore. Most Gulets have an on-board grill for the barbecue. Inform us please, during the registration, if you are dependent on a diet or prefer a vegetarian menu.

Example of a menu plan on a Gulet:
Butter, jam, honey, cheese, feta cheese, black and green olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs/omelette, yoghurt, sausage, fresh fruits, orange juice, tea, filter coffee, nescafe, milk, bread and toast.
* Baked chicken with season vegetable, rice with almonds, green beans sauté in olive oil, fresh fruits, Turkish coffee.
* Meatballs à la Smyrna, Bulgur rice with tomatoes, shepherd salad, ice cream, Turkish coffee.
* Toast and feta cheese, season vegetables, tzatziki, Turkish coffee.
turkish cooking is one of the best * Calamari filled with rice and vegetables, yoghurt sauce, mashed potatoes, turkish dessert, Turkish coffee.
* Spagetti bolognese, cheese salad, chocolate pudding, Turkish coffee.
* Aubergine from the oven, rice with tomatoes, season salad, Turkish dessert, Turkish coffee.
* Mushroom soup, Macaroni with cheese over-bake, tuna salad, caramel pudding, Turkish coffee.
Small cakes and cookies, tea, coffee, fruit juices. On extra desire from the on-board bar: Beer (Light and Pils), Turkish wines (white and red), vodka, gin, whisky, Campari, Martini, Turkish cognac.
* Traditional Turkish starters plate, roasted lamb with baby potatoes, shepherd salad , honey melon with ice cream with Turkish coffee.
* Vegetable soup, beef steak, ratatouille with baked potatoes, red beans with tomato-souce, pataoe-salad, Turkish dessert with Turkish coffee.
* Agean fish soup, grilled Calamari and shrimps, Turkish dolma, salad, Turkish coffee with Turkish dessert.
* Baked with spinach and feta cheese, curry chicken with peas and carrots, rice, salad of the boss, caramel pudding with Turkish coffee.
* Grill (lamb, sausages, chicken wing, shish-kebab), mushed potatoes, mixed salad, fresh fruits, Turkish coffee.
* Grilled Calamari with lemon sauce, cash role of Lagos, season salad, potato salad, shrimp-saucepan, dessert with Turkish coffee.
* Grilled sea-bass with lemon and dill sauce, baked-courgette, salad, chocolate cake with Turkish coffee.

Good food onboard

Notes of the Turkish kitchen

The Ottomans governed Turkey, far parts of the Balkans and Arabia for 500 years. The good was that the prescriptions of the many peoples, found itself in the courtly kitchen.

Even today, still many Turkish cooks keep the tradition of the palace kitchen. With them the guest can feel like the Sultan. If the “Sultan” does not feel like vegetables, perhaps börek could be it: Fish, meat, sheep cheese or herbs rolled in thin feuilletage. There is no lack when it comes to freshness. The markets are full of billowing courgette, aubergine, tomatoes, paprika and salad. To all meals domestic wines are served or Efes, the most popular beer in Turkey. When desired also Raki, which milky-white, the Pastisse-related, Turkish-national-drink.

As desserts Baklava or Kadayif is being served- feuilletage filled with a paste from nuts and honey, pistachio or almonds. Too sweet? Well, then you get fruit, yoghurt with walnuts and a little bit of honey. At last, Turkish coffee is served. That is the time of the cook. Perhaps then he explains the issue with the Kebap: A correct Tandir Kebap - a whole lamb, that in the gets baked in the brick-oven - or Kagat Kebap, braise in paper with thyme and onion - these are extraordinary delicious meals. But the enormous amounts at fast-food-shops, which have displaced even more strongly the traditional restaurants, those are troubles, because: "A döner is nevertheless nothing else as Turkish Hamburger!” - therefore does not belong to the great Turkish kitchen.