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The Blue Cruise

The great idea of making a vacation on a Gulet
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Blue Cruise

A gulet is a small swimming hotel on water. The "rooms" are generous, are equipped with double or bunk beds and all have their own showers and toilets. The life on board takes place outside. You sit or lay on deck or in the roomy cockpit. Cosy, richly padded sun couches and pad corners offer either sun, shadow or some fresh wind everywhere- depending upon how it is being preferred at the moment. A gulet has depending upon the size place from 6 to 20 guests. The good thing: none steps on the others feet like on a yacht, the private space remains protected.

Blue Cruise

At a blue journey on a gulet, the common experience under the southern sky connects the guests, in such a way that people who have not known each other before, have become friends. The relationship between the guests and the crew is confidently personal.The captain and its crew take attentively care of the well-being of the guests and try to fulfill all particular personal desires.

In contrasts to hotels, a gulet is a mobile companion. They have strong engines, which makes it possible to travel on see between 8 and 11 knot. In few hours considerable distances can be put back. The location change is a characteristic of a gulet trip. In between the main locations there are small stops for swimming, surfing, canoeing or taking a trip to historical ruins. During the journey small ports are visited for strolling and supplying.

Blue Cruise

Some gulets can do sails, however, not all. Mostly they drive under engine. Those that sail are faster than most of the yachts due to the length. Gulets are clearly larger than normal yachts. In majority, gulets have between two to five hundred square-meters of sail-surface. If someone wants both during the journey, the Gulet-Advisor marks the particular ships that can do both.

The most beautiful at a gulet journey is the change. Landscapes slide past while one is relaxed on deck of dreaming by looking at the sky, reading a book, chatting or just simply doing nothing. Each bay follows the other and each evening is spend in another safe anchorage. Since a gulet transports some tons of fresh water in the its belly, a shower can be taken after each swim in the salty sea water.